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November 6, 2020

We have had a lot of inquiries about the holidays. Like everything this year, the holidays will look different than they have in the past.  We are working diligently to ensure our residents have an exciting and joy-filled Thanksgiving and Christmas despite COVID. Family members are encouraged to drop off special treats or gifts for loved ones.

Holiday Entertainment for all levels of care

This year, our holiday entertainment will be broadcast on Channel 957 on December 18th from 4:30-5:30.  A complimentary holiday meal will be delivered to your room, apartment or cottage prior to the performance.  You will be receiving a memo with more information about this special entertainment.

Residential Living (Cottages and Apartments)

  • Seated dining will not be available in Windows on Park on Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you selected a meal on your meal selection form, it will be delivered to your apartment or cottage.
  • We expect visitation to remain unchanged, but it will depend on circumstances closer to each holiday. Currently, you may have visitors in your apartment or cottage, or you may leave the community to visit with others in their homes.  Either way, you must maintain a 6-foot physical distance and wear a mask when you are with others.

Personal Care and Skilled Care

Activities in these areas are dependent on the results of the weekly COVID testing and the Lancaster County positivity rate.  Right now, we are in the Quarantine Phase.

  Quarantine Nonquarantine Phase
  Requires two consecutive weeks of no positive test results to move to Phase Nonquarantine*


Personal Care – Virtual visitation only

– No Leaves of Absence

– No communal dining

– Indoor visitation w barrier

– No Leaves of Absence

– Distanced Communal dining

Skilled Care – Virtual visitation only

– No Leaves of Absence

– No communal dining

– Indoor visitation w barrier

– No Leaves of Absence

– Distanced Communal Dining

*A single positive test requires quarantine.

Virtual Visitation

During virtual visitation, residents must stay inside the building behind a closed door or window and the family must remain outside the building.  Residents may always visit with family members via Skype or Face Time.

Leaves of Absence

PC and Skilled residents will not be permitted to leave the facility with family or friends. This is for the safety of all.

Family Transportation

Family transport to medically necessary appointments will be permitted when the facility is not under quarantine and the county positivity rate is under 5%. If the facility is under quarantine or the county positivity rate is over 5%, the facility will provide transportation to medically necessary appointments.