March 18, 2021

From the moment Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released updated visitation guidelines, our team has diligently been preparing for what those changes in visitation will look like and how QPRC can safely implement the new regulations that will allow increased visitation for residents who are fully vaccinated. You can find a copy of our updated visitation policies for Skilled Nursing and Personal Care below. After you click on the links, you will need to download the pdfs.

COVID Visitation SNF Policy

COVID Visitation PC Policy

Below are some of the key highlights: please note this is a summary only and there may be more information, requirements, etc. detailed in the full policies above.

For Residents that have been fully vaccinated (Must be 14 days post all required vaccine administrations) 

  • Outdoor visitation is still strongly encouraged but indoor visitation in the resident’s room will be permitted.
  • If the resident and visitors choose, physical distancing recommendations may be set aside as long as the visitor washes their hands before and after and wears proper PPE throughout the visit.
  • There will be a maximum of 2 visitors at a time if inside the building, 4 at a time for visits occurring outside.
  • To limit the number of individuals in the building, there will be a limit to the number of visitations occurring at any given time. The times and visitation slots will be available for sign up on the Sign-Up Genius website. A link to this can be found on the COVID-19 section of our website. If you are unable to sign up online, please contact Monica Herbein, Healthcare Coordinator, (717) 786 – 5341 for assistance.
  • Visitors will be required to check in and be screened at the front desk, ensure adequate PPE, and be directed to the unit.
  • Visitation may be restricted if there is a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Skilled Nursing or Personal Care.

For Residents that have NOT been fully vaccinated

  • Non-vaccinated residents will follow the same visitation protocols that are currently in place.
  • Outdoor visitation will be conducted with indoor visitation occurring in the event of inclement weather.
  • No physical touch will be permitted and all visitation must be either physically distanced or have a physical barrier in-between.
  • Scheduling of visits for non-vaccinated residents will go through the Skilled Nursing Activities Director and Healthcare Coordinator.


  • Visitors visiting residents that have been fully vaccinated will be required to wear a KN-95 Mask if medically able. On your initial visit, the receptionist will provide you with a new mask and a brown paper bag to store it in. We ask that you keep the mask in the bag and bring it with you whenever you come to visit. If it becomes soiled or you need a new one, please let us know and we can provide you with a new one.
  • If you have not yet come through the front entrance, there is a new automatic check-in kiosk you will need to utilize prior to entering. Please plan on arriving for your visit early to complete that process.
  • Face Masks and Eye Protection are required for all visitation indoors. Eye protection can include but is not limited to prescription eyeglasses, safety glasses or face shields.
  • Visitors MUST follow all policies and procedure regarding visitation. We are thrilled to be able to allow visitation more in line with pre-COVID-19 but we must still be cautious. If visitors are found not utilizing the proper PPE or disregarding the policies and procedures, they will be asked to leave.

Please reach out to Mark Smeltzer, nursing home administrator, at 717-786-7321 or should you have any questions. We will continue to keep you informed of regulatory changes that will affect visitation or other aspects of care being provided to your loved ones. Please continue to keep our residents and team members in your prayers. While any progress forward brings reason to hope, we still face an enormous amount of uncertainty of what the future holds.