July 21, 2020

A Lament in the Time of Covid

To you, Oh Lord, we lift up our souls
Oh Lord, our God, we are in pain
We long to see face to face
And yet our faces are covered
We long to touch, to hold, to comfort
And yet we must distance

Our lives are as we never imagined they would be
We cannot embrace our spouses
We cannot rejoice with our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren
We must be strong, when we are so afraid
Our loved ones are taken from us
And You, Oh Lord, seem far away.

We have no confidence in those who rule over us
We do not trust our government
And yet, Oh Lord, You are Sovereign
Come to us now Oh Lord and Savior
Comfort us, let us feel Your presence with us
Let Your love and Your strength flow through us
For we are so weary Oh Lord, we have nothing left to give

May we see Your Face, for You never wear a mask
May we feel Your loving arms around us
For You are never six feet away
Give us hope Oh Lord, for we have none left
All our hope is in You

When the darkness surrounds us
May we remember that we dwell in the shadow of Your wings
Our flesh and our hearts may fail
But you Oh Lord are the strength of our hearts and our portion forever
Come to us Lord Jesus and revive us again.
We will yet praise You Our Lord and our God.