April 14, 2023

­We had 2 residents in Personal Care test positive for COVID-19 this week. They immediately began isolating in place upon exhibiting symptoms and tested positive shortly after. All other residents have tested negative, and we are continuing to monitor for signs and symptoms.

Skilled Nursing

We are thankful that no skilled nursing residents or team members have tested positive this week. We continue to enjoy a mask free workplace due to no outbreak and community transmission status.

Personal Care and Memory Support

Personal Care team members are currently wearing KN-95 masks at all times while on the units due to the positive resident. Residents are being tested weekly or immediately upon exhibiting signs or symptoms. Memory Support continues to have no positive COVID-19 test results and remains mask free per guidelines. Visitation, activities, and dining remains open throughout Personal Care and Memory Support at this time.

Residential Living

We have not been made aware of any residents in Residential Living who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week.

Team Members

Current COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Team Members with Vaccine Exemption Team Members  

Partially Vaccinated

Team Members Up-to-date INCLUDING

Bivalent Booster

Weekly for all Skilled Nursing Team Members


Weekly for Personal Care Team Members during Outbreak

Weekly for Personal Care Team Members during Outbreak Weekly for Personal Care Team Members during Outbreak
Everyone must test immediately if you are exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19.


  • You may test yourself anytime at the Long Building Reception Desk (team members only)
  • Stop by the Skilled Nursing admin hallway between 8AM and 4PM Monday – Friday